• Maxball Black

    Weight tested at the University of Newcastle the Maxball is a phenomenal performer. It has a textured grip surface to reduce the chance of the ball slipping when in use.

    Available in 55cm and 65cm

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  • BOSU®

    The BOSU® ('Both Sides Up') is like an Exercise Ball that has been cut in half with a stable side and an unstable side. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for everything from cardio to rehabilitation to yoga

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  • REDCORD Medical

    The full range of Neurac positions are made available with the Redcord Workstation Professional with the triple traverse system/3 apparatus, including full body suspension.

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  • COR Bench

    the COR Bench introduces an inflatable exercise surface that places greater demand on the neuromuscular system than a traditional flat bench.

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  • AOK Resistance Band

    A great alternative to weight training, Resistance Bands are ideal for rehabilitation and strength training.

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  • Bodyblade

    Bodyblade will help you enhance your power, coordination and overall performance. It is great for aerobic conditioning or for developing speed, strength and joint mobility.

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  • Thera-Roll

    Deep release of sore and tired muscles designed for fitness enthusiasts.

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  • PhysioRoller 10cm / 15cm Diameter
    Short/Long, Black/Blue

    These PhysioRollers are for Professionals and beginners alike. The 10cm physioroller are easier to use for beginners and less painful when used for fascial release.

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  • AOK 5kg & 10kg Weighted Vest

    The new patented AOK Slim fit design Weighted Vests offer all users safety and comfort with ultimate flexibility.

    Available in 5kg or 10kg

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  • Redcord Mini Extra

    The Redcord Mini is portable and perfect for training outside or at home. It is lightweight and easy to take along while traveling. You can hang it over a beam, pull-up bar or use the ceiling screws included in the package. The Redcord Mini is a smaller and lighter version of the Redcord Trainer. It is the perfect alternative to the TRX because lets you do many clinically approved exercises.

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Redcord Home Gym

Redcord Home Gym

Redcord Trainer is specially designed to tolerate the load, tear and wear and stress it is exposed to through daily use. This is a safe, reliable and long lasting solution.

The Redcord Home Gym is specifically designed for you to be able to experience the variety of active Redcord exercises. Your body will never feel the same. The Redcord Trainer which allows you to easily adjust the height of the ropes and use a variety of extra slings and accessories in the future.

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AOK Health, for the past 15 years has been a leader in the Functional Fitness Industry due to its superior products and service.

AOK Health design, manufacture and distribute the Best Swiss Balls in the World.

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» AOK Health has recently Manufactured and Supplied custom Pink mediBalls for Escape Fitness in the UK in support of BreastCancerCampaign.org

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» With a complete selection of weights including 10kg, 15kg and 20kg, the AOK Power Training Bag is well suited to general strength programs through to high-intensity explosive dynamic power development.... MORE »

» The freeForm Board allows you to condition every major muscle-joint complex in the body through a full range of motion.... MORE »

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